Replace Main Generator- Fort Meade, SD

This project consisted of replacing the main generator that powers the entire hospital in the event of a power outage.  The roof on the enclosure  was removed.  The engine and alternator were craned out the top of the enclosure.  The motor was shipped to Wyoming to be rebuilt – water had entered the motor through the muffler and rusted some of the cylinders.  The motor and alternator were then shipped to Minnesota to then be mated with the new alternator end that was of a higher voltage, 12470V.  The unit was then shipped back and craned into place.  The unit was then commissioned in order for the system to work with the VA’s computer reporting system. 

Repair Interior Ceiling- Fort Meade, SD

The purpose of this project was to perform all necessary removal and repair to the Interior Ceiling of Bldg. 55 at the Ft. Meade Campus, SD. Work consisted of removal and disposal of existing acoustical ceiling tiles (2,400 sq ft). Removal was done carefully in order to minimize damage to the underlying plaster. Any damaged tiles were also repaired or replaced. 7/16” Oriented Strand Board (OSB) over existing plaster was installed ensuring sufficient anchoring to roof trusses with appropriate screwed fasteners. ½” Gypsum Board was installed over OSB, seal joints, primer one-coat, and painted two-coats. Additionally, mud-rings and/or box extensions as needed were installed and all existing light fixtures, vents and other accessories were re-attached. ¾” wood concave quarter round molding and decorative corner trim was installed and painted/finished.

Upgrade Dental Finishes- Hot Springs, SD

This project involved; abating asbestos flooring in specific areas, removal and replacement of casework, patching and repairing walls. Existing paneling was removed and replaced with sheetrock. Additional work included painting, plumbing, and floor installation. Additional dental equipment and finishes were installed. This project was located at the VA Black Hills Health Care System Hot Springs Campus.

Building 23 ADA Access- Hot Springs, SD


This project involved remediation, demolition, and construction of an ADA compliant ramp on Building 23 of the Hot Springs VA Campus. Additionally, demolition and installation of a new asphalt road, and parking area was performed. The surrounding lawn sprinkler system was adjusted according to the construction performed.

Repair Sanitary Sewer Lines- Fort Meade, SD

The purpose of this project was to clean, repair, and inspect sections of sanitary sewer lines at the Fort Meade VA Medical Center Campus. Work involved: Diverting the sanitary sewer to downstream of the project. Sanitary sewer operations were continuous and uninterrupted.Continuous vehicle traffic access for the duration of the project was maintained including both access points serving the hospital’s loading docks. The access points were constructed to accommodate Class B Heavy Truck weight. Additionally, a CD copy of the final inspection video showcasing all segments of the project was provided.


Clay Tile Replacement- Hot Springs, SD

This project replaced existing terracotta roof tiles at various locations throughout the Hot Springs VAMC facility in order to correct water leaks. Work consisted of removing damaged terracotta tiles and installation of new tiles at a total of six locations on buildings 1, 2, and 12 of the the Hot Springs VAMC.