DVA Elevator Exhaust- Denver, CO

This project installed a new exhaust duct system in Building A, Rooms A1-124 & A1-353, to vent out fumes created by the elevator mechanical systems at the VA Hospital Aurora. Work involved installation of a new exhaust duct work in room 10-01-C7-01 to remove up to 450 cfm from the room. This was achieved by tapping into the existing 12x12 exhaust duct in the space with a 10x10 branch and three 8x8 or 8” dia branches pulling air from near each of the three elevator equipment cases. New exhaust duct work in room 10-01-C9-02 to remove up to 150 cfm from the room was also performed by tapping into the existing 10x10 exhaust duct above room 10-01-C9-10 with an 8x8 or 8” dia branch duct pulling air from near the elevator equipment case. Lastly, a cut was made into the existing wall to create a path for the new exhaust duct and path and repair the wall to maintain the existing rated wall.

Sara Weaver