Medical Air Compressors- Minneapolis, MN

This project included the removal of 2 existing Medical-Air compressors, and commissioning of 2 new air compressors in building 70 of the Minneapolis VA Hospital. Work was coordinated to ensure that the hospital never had less than 2 operational medical compressors. In order to achieve this, only one medical air compressor was removed and replaced at a time.

Correct Life Safety Deficiencies- Minneapolis, MN

This project involved the selevtive4 demolition if walls, doors, door frames, door hardware, electrical equipment/wiring/security services at the Minneapolis VA. Work was performed in a careful manner in order to protect those items not being removed from damage. All old equipment was removed and new equipment was installed. New equipment installed included new; doors, door hardware, and door frames. Additionally, all necessary electrical and access devices were also installed.

Prevent Legionella- Minneapolis MN


This project’s intent was to survey the entire interstitial space at the Minneapolis VA hospital and provide as-builts to show discrepancies in water piping as well as install Circuit-Solvers to ensure patrons were not being scalded when using water sources. After examination the Circuit-Solvers were de-scoped as they would not function the way they were intended to. After survey, an RFP to remove all dead legs in the interstitial space was issued. All dead legs were removed in the interstitial space and updated as-builts were provided to show where lines had been cut and capped. Water had to be shut down per riser each Thursday night and work was performed overnight.

Repair Roads- St. Cloud, MN

This project repaired and replaced existing roadways and sidewalk areas at the St.Cloud VA Medical Center. Work involved sawcutting and removal of existing asphalt and concrete removal of buried concrete roadways, removal of storm sewer pipes and structures. Roadways were then rebuilt, some roads and parking lots were patched, and new curbs and gutters were installed. Additional work involved install and repair of storm sewer structures and landscape restoration.