Replace Concrete SNFC- Santa Fe, NM

This project replaced approximately 200 lf of rolled concrete curb at the Santa Fe National Cemetery, Santa Fe, NM. Work involved saw cut of existing asphalt paving to accommodate forms for new curb, demolition and disposal of concrete curb off-site, pouring of new 6” roll curb, and patching of existing asphalt as required.

Renovate B-11 Research Core Area- Albuquerque, NM

The purpose of this project was to renovate B-11 for Research Core Area at the Albuquerque VAHS, NM. Work involved; selective demolition, alterations, structural support and anchorage, drainage, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work, equipment, utility systems, removal of existing utilities and construction and other items.

Expand MRI Site Prep- Albuquerque, NM

The purpose of this project was to install patient lifts in order to assist healthcare workers and patients. Ceiling lifts, supports, and rails were procured and installed for the 15-bed building (2 bariatric, 13 regular, and 1 bathing suite). Additional rooms in the main hospital (Bldg. 41) and the Spinal Cord Injury Unit (Bldg. 45) required installation of purchased lifts to provide staff with the tools needed to assist hospital patients. Each room was returned to its original condition upon completion of the installation, to include patching and painting of walls and ceilings, fireproofing of structural steel, repair of lead lining, etc. as appropriate.

Relocate Compensation and Pension to B-1- Albuquerque, NM

The purpose of this project was to relocate the Compensation and Pension from B-41 to B-1. Work included a complete floor-to-ceiling demolition and renovation the spaces in order to accommodate the relocation of patient/client support services (Compensation and Pension). Project labor included all demolition, general carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fire protection, and communication work.