Replace EIFS, Bldg. 45- Amarillo, TX

The purpose of this project was to install the Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) at Building 45 of the Thomas E. Creek VAMC. Work included installation and replacement of Stucco over EIFS, OSB, and Vents 35” below Stucco Molding Trim on Building 45. 

Roadways, Sidewalks, Curbs and Parking Lots- Amarillo, TX

The purpose of this project was to repave the existing loop road that needed repair to prevent accidents and to prolong the life of the road.  Along with roads, some sidewalks were repaired and/or replaced in order to prevent accidents.  The project also tied together the two irrigation systems to each other.  Work included: the removal of asphalt paving, re-installation of the base material, concrete paving, concrete sidewalks, and irrigation work.

Renovate Front Entrance- Big Spring, TX

This project renovated the Front Entrance from the street at the West Texas VAHS in Big Spring, TX. The purpose of this project was to modify the single lane vehicular entry/exit drive to add left and right turn exit lanes. Additionally, a new digital main entry sign at the median in the entry road was installed in order to direct hospital visitors and delivery personnel to appropriate areas of the hospital. Work involved demolition and removal of the southern curb and widening of the roadway approximately 10”. Additionally, a new ADA compliant sidewalk with curb access ramps from the public way toward the main building was installed.

Increase HVAC Flow- Amarillo, TX

Work on this project included mechanical, piping, electrical, controls, and fire protection work in order to remove and replace AHUs 2-8 in Building 28 of the Thomas E. Creek VAMC.  A temporary AHU was put in place during project work. After removal, all AHUs were replaced with new units, along with corresponding ductwork, coils, controls and VAV’s. Existing condensate, refrigerant, steam humidifier, HWS, HWR and reheat coils/VAVs were demoed and replaced. Project work ranged from the basement, floors 1-4, to the roof.  

Correct Facade Deficiencies- Big Spring, TX

The purpose of this project was to correct deficiencies along the exterior of the main building at the West Texas VA Health Care System in Big Spring, TX. Masonry work corrected brick, limestone and lintel deficiencies as well as repaired mortar joints. Additional work included; removal and repointing of brick joints, removal/ replacement of spalled brick, removal/repair of cracked brick, removal/ repair of the settlement crack at door, removal/ repair of corroding window lintels, removal and replacement of the corroded fasteners, repair of the window gaskets, and repair of the failing precast concrete coping.

Replace Deficient Fan Coil Units- Big Spring, TX

The purpose of this project was to provide a complete operational system with materials to replace deficient fan coil units at the West Texas VA Health Care System, located in Big Spring Texas. Work involved the removal and replacement of fan coil units on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th floors of Building 1 Additionally, old two-pipe dual fan coil units were replaced with new four-pipe dual fan coil units throughout applicable floors in Building 1. The new units provided cooling from chilled water and heat from steam, with controls configured with the existing building control systems.