Kitchen Ceiling Addition- Miles City, MT

The purpose of this project was to construct a new 820 sqft suspended ceiling at the VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) in Miles City, Montana. Due to moisture from a damaged pipe, the existing hard top ceiling had permanent damage. The integrity of the ceiling material was therefore ruined and the paint was peeling. To limit the amount of infection control and patient disturbance, a complete demolition and replacement of the existing ceiling was not determined to be a desirable solution. The more suitable solution was to add an additional ceiling under the existing hard top ceiling. The existing exposed damaged kitchen ceiling was replaced with a new suspended ceiling. The new suspended ceiling was constructed approximately one foot lower than the hard top existing ceiling. The new ceiling was composed of 2x4 commercial kitchen ceiling panels, met USDA/FSIS guidelines and had 15/16’’ white painted steel suspension system.

Purchase Care Pilot Renovation- Ft. Harrison, MT

The purpose of this project was to renovate portions of the basement of Building 154A (approximately 2400 SF) to accommodate administrative functions, correct cooling deficiencies in Server Room B-1A, and replace a damaged cooling coil in the air handler in Mechanical Room B32.  This included renovating vacated file room areas into consolidated team work areas capable of providing the necessary HVAC, electrical, and data requirements for approximately 20 employees, as well as re-commissioning an air handler to provide improved climate control for the server room.  Adjacent spaces were renovated to provide a breakroom and restrooms. This project was located at the Fort Harrison VAMC.


Renovate ICU & Private Rooms- Ft. Harrison, MT

The primary purposes of this renovation project was to provide renovation of the 3rd floor north wing of building 154 into a G.I. suite. Renovations were made to provide procedure, exam, consultation, office, and reception space. The new suite included an endoscopy treatment room, cystoscopy treatment room, exam rooms, office/consult rooms, clean and soiled storage rooms, reception/clerk’s office, and a waiting room. The existing ICU suite and associated exam rooms and offices comprised approximately 2000 SF of space to be renovated. Specialized equipment relating to the furnishing of the procedure rooms was procured and installed as part of the project. Work included demolition and construction including carpentry, finishes, floors, ceilings, fire sprinkler system, electrical, mechanical systems (plumbing and HVAC). All work was performed in an active hospital setting. Due to the sensitive location of the work being performed, clean work practices with infection control measures to include dust barriers and use of negative air equipment with HEPA filtration was utilized.

Additional work included the renovation and repurpose to the north wing of the fourth floor of the main hospital building. Work included removal of patient-related equipment from six patient rooms on third floor and repurposing of additional select rooms on third floor. Renovations and improvements were made to six patient rooms in the north wing of fourth floor and repurposing of additional select rooms on fourth floor. Required work included modifications to architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical aspects of the main hospital Building 154